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Robur Bremse measuring laboratory is well equipped control facility which designed for to help to meet the desired product properties. The staff consists of expert and experienced technicians. It serves to our engineering and production departments for reverse engineering studies or production process control and validation.




Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)


  • As well as measuring the standard geometries it can make fast two dimensions   (2D) and three dimensions (3D) form scanning for reverse engineering. These scanning results obtained as .stl data which CAD programs can use. We can model many form surface or edges in this way.
  • A ready CAD data can be open with CMM’s software and part measurements can be done with this data. By this way we can make reference product or prototype evaluations accurately and precisely
  • Geometric tolerance control can be done by using the measurement results of standard geometries.
  • We also use it in serial automatic measurements of the parts by programming it as CNC.
  • The measuring sensivity is 0,0001 mm.
  • The results can be taken in different report formats including CAD data.


Surface Roughness Measurement


  • The 33 different surface profile scanning (RA, RZ, RQ, Rmax…) can be done and surface roughness can be measured according to ISO, ASME, JIS, MOTIF standards.


Hardness Measurement


  • The hardness of different materials with different hardness can be measured as Brinell (HB5, HB10, HB30) and Rockwell (HRc, HRA, HRB)